Pressure-sensitive and induction cap seal liners Tamper-evident and airtight sealing of containers


Laminated or non-laminated polyethylene foam seals to hermetically close containers, that stand out for their resistance, elasticity and resilience.

Pressure-sensitive cap seal liner with adhesive.
When pressure is applied to the lid, the liner is sealed to the neck of the container.

Two-part cap seal liner for tamper-evident sealing and airtight sealing after opening.
Perfect tightness when the bottle is closed.

One-piece cap seal liner for packaging with a tamper-evident seal.
The foil adheres to the container, making the product tamper-proof.

Manufacturers of seals for containers

How are our products supplied?

Bulk sealing gaskets to seal any container

In bulk: in boxes, for any seal amount or material.

Tap Seals bagged and faced for bottling

Bagged and faced: to facilitate automated sealing for the bottling company.

Sealing gaskets in coils. Easy and very fast.

Rolls: ideal for large-scale production.

Specialists in seals for closing and sealing packages, containers, bottles and jars for:


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