The pharmaceutical industry is characterised by requiring exhaustive quality controls, given the need to guarantee the safety and effectiveness of every medicinal product made available to the public. For pharmaceuticals, the packaging, preparation and closure of the product is fundamental to ensure optimal quality conditions, proper storage and certainty with regard to product sterility.

The scope of the pharmaceutical industry includes both healthcare products in the hospital field, including optical products, as well as medicinal products for veterinary use.

Examples of products developed by the pharmaceutical industry include:

  • Phytotherapeutic products.
  • Childcare products.
  • Vaccines.
  • Allopathic medicinal products.
  • Over-the-counter products.
  • Homeopathic medicines.
  • Vitamin supplements.
  • Dietary supplements.
  • Herbal products.

Among the most common forms of pharmaceutical products, we can highlight:

  • Syrups.
  • Capsules.
  • Tablets.
  • Lozenges.
  • Pills.
  • Chewing gums.
  • Powders.
  • Granules.
  • Ointments.
  • Creams.
  • Gels.
  • Suppositories.

Among the main types of packaging that contain pharmaceutical products, the most common are:

  • Plastic bottles.
  • Glass bottles.
  • Metal bottles.
  • Pill containers.
  • Ampoules.
  • Packets.
  • Blister packs.
  • Strips.
  • Tubes.
  • Nebulising aerosols.
  • Atomisers.
  • Sprays.
  • Inhalers.
  • Bags.
  • Preloaded syringes.
  • Pens.
  • Phials.

Of course, the different containers will also be determined by their capacity:

  • One-time use.
  • Single-dose.
  • Multi-dose.

And we should remember that all pharmaceutical laboratories handle containers with:

  • Security seals.
  • Screw top caps.
  • Dropper caps.
  • Crown caps.
  • Tamper-evident caps.
  • Security seals.
  • Droppers.
  • Atomisers.
  • Sprayers.
  • Dispensing pumps.
  • Nozzles.
  • Flip-tops.

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