SMFlex airtight seal

Cierre hermético SMFlex

Seal made from closed-cell foam, produced with low-density polyethylene (PE), in both laminated (both sides) and non-laminated versions.

Stands out for its high level of resistance, elasticity and high resilience. Ideal for guaranteeing customers the airtight sealing of any kind of package, bottle or container. Does not allow any liquid or air to pass.

These are typically the closure seals used most in the food industry, for pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and, in general, for all kinds of chemicals.

At SM Tecnic, we have a wide range of densities and thicknesses and can adapt to any diameter required, both in disc form as well as rings.

Our proprietary technology enables us to manufacture foam seals with variable geometry that can be adapted to any bottle with special mouths.

Cierre por inducción de espuma de polietileno sin laminar


This is our standard in non-laminated polyethylene (PE) foam seals.

It offers excellent elasticity and an ideal resilience for creating an airtight seal in any container.

SMFlex cierre hermético de espuma de polietileno con laminado


This is our standard in laminated polyethylene (PE) foam.

In addition to the elastic properties and high resilience of SMFLEX EPE, this product has a high-density HDPE-laminated layer on both sides. This increases the level of resistance to possible breakage as well as the resistance to products that, due to their composition and properties, could degrade other types of less resistant materials.

This additional laminated layer also provides a better, higher-quality finish.

Cierre hermético de PVC SMFlex


We also have other types of seal lamination, for specific uses or products with special properties, as required by the customer. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), aluminium foil, polyethylene terephthalate (PET)…

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