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A bottling plant, or a bottling company, is a company dedicated to the packaging of beverages and their distribution to the points of sale to the customer. A wine bottler, the Coca Cola company or bottled water may come to mind, although the manufacturer doesn’t have to limit itself to putting beverages into a container, such as a glass bottle, a Tetra Brik carton or a metal can.

The bottling industry is ready, or can easily adapt its machinery, to insert any liquid, whether suitable for human consumption or not, into a container. The cleaning industry, for example, with its liquid detergents or glass cleaners, or the cosmetics sector, with its wide variety of creams and perfumes, require bottling that will guarantee the tightness of the content and the assurance that the product is provided to customers in perfect condition, with no external contamination and all its properties intact. And the commercial possibilities can be extended to the agrochemical sector, to maintain and preserve a farmer’s crops, or to the pharmaceutical industry, with phials, droppers and injectables.

Tightness is a fundamental factor for bottling companies since it ensures that there cannot have been any product leakage or any tampering with the product inside the package. An airtight closure may suffice to provide this assurance, but often the cap itself cannot guarantee against the possibility of leakage or external contamination. To achieve this guarantee, a cap seal liner or airtight seal must be inserted, adapted to the thickness and diameter of the closure. And this is even more necessary if the customer requires a tamper-evident seal.

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