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Induction sealing

What is induction sealing?

The induction sealing process appeared over 30 years ago in the search for a process in the field of container sealing that would at the same time make the product tamper-proof, guarantee an image of its quality and provide simplicity in the sealing process and the ability to work with nearly any product. The process consists of the following steps:

  1. Filling the container with the chosen product.
  2. Once the container is filled, it must be closed with a lid, cap, etc. Before closing, a seal must be placed on the bottom of the lid, cap, etc., which must normally have several common elements needed for the induction process: a layer with the same material as the package that will be in contact with it and an aluminium foil layer, which is what causes the induction process. An additional foam or pulpboard seal can be added to it to retain aromas once opened a second and subsequent times.
  3. Once capped, the container passes under the cap sealing machine head, which emits an oscillating electromagnetic field that penetrates the lid and uses the foil layer to generate lots of heat and melt the sealing film in contact with the container, joining the sealing film to the mouth of the container. To do this, the time and power of the induction must be adjusted according to the sealing area and distance from the head to the container.
  4. Once the induction process has taken place, it must be allowed to cool as this is how the hermetic sealing takes place. When the container is opened, it will be possible to see the silver foil layer that caused the induction stuck to the mouth of the container, which eliminates product leakage, prevents tampering, enhances the product quality by providing tamper evidence and extends the life of the product.
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