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Tamper-evident seals are the most effective security check to be able to guarantee that the contents of the container, be it a jar, a bottle, a flask, a carafe or any other receptacle, has not been previously opened, contaminated or tampered with before it is first opened.

A tamper-evident seal is an element that guarantees that the substance inside the container has not been manipulated since it was inserted into the container. It aims to guarantee the purity of the content and to ensure the tightness of the product from the moment it leaves the factory, during its transport to the sales shelf and through to the purchase by the end customer.

One of the most reliable and highest quality security seals in terms of product packaging is induction sealing, since it takes place quickly and cleanly, on the same packaging chain and without any modification to the product being packaged. It’s an added value for the product that will be on sale, an additional source of confidence for the final consumer and also prevents possible fraud versus other products that do not have the seal.

Induction sealing as a tamper-evident seal is ideal, and is most in demand for use in:

  • The pharmaceutical industry.
    • Pill containers.
    • Syrups.
    • Ointments.
    • Paediatrics.
    • Dietary products.
    • Herbalist products.
    • Vitamin supplements.
    • Etc.

  • Cosmetic products.
    • Creams.
    • Make-up.
    • Colognes, perfumes, etc.
    • Shower gel, shampoo, conditioner.
    • Etc.

  • Food chains.
    • Spices.
    • Sauces.
    • Beverages.
    • Solubles.
    • Snacks.
    • Sweets.
    • Nuts.
    • Pickles.
    • Etc.

  • The cleaning product market.
    • Air fresheners.
    • Mops.
    • Degreasers.
    • Ammonia cleaner.
    • Glass cleaner.
    • Etc.

  • Agrochemical bottlers.
    • Manures.
    • Fertilizers.
    • Pesticides.
    • Pest-control substances.
    • Etc.

  • Plant protection products.
    • Insecticides.
    • Bactericides.
    • Fungicides.
    • Weed killers.
    • Etc.