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Watertightness / Tightness

One of the main objectives when designing any plastic package containing any product is to ensure that the package will maintain the ideal tightness that will guarantee there will be no loss of product until the final consumer decides to open the package. Tightness is the quality that makes it possible to have the assurance and guarantee that the container will not leak product anywhere, ensuring at the same time that the product can’t be tampered with and guaranteeing protection against external elements.

The airtight closure created with the container’s cap should usually be enough to be able to guarantee its tightness, i.e., that there was no undesired leakage or tampering. But there are times when the closure with the cap itself does not guarantee this tightness due to some defect, deformation or design fault.

In these cases, it may be very useful to place acap seal lineror a polyethylene foam seal on the bottom of the cap, which is moulded to its shape and helps to prevent unwanted leaks of liquid or product, as well as helping to prevent product losses with the consequent saving in unnecessary customer complaints.

The appropriate thickness and required foam density must be used in each case to achieve the desired effect, and the customer will thus obtain an added value for the container and the assurance that the entirety of the dispensed product will reach the final consumer.

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