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Tamper-evident seal

Tamper-evident seals are the most effective security check to be able to guarantee that the contents of the container, be it a jar, a bottle, a flask, a carafe or any other receptacle, has not been previously opened, contaminated or tampered with before it is first opened. A tamper-evident seal is an element that guarantees […]


Induction sealing

What is induction sealing? The induction sealing process appeared over 30 years ago in the search for a process in the field of container sealing that would at the same time make the product tamper-proof, guarantee an image of its quality and provide simplicity in the sealing process and the ability to work with nearly […]


Induction sealing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The most frequently asked questions about induction sealing. What can induction seals be applied to? An induction seal can be applied to: Liquid products, such as beverages or motor oil. Hot or room temperature products or chilled foods. Dried foods such as coffee, herbs and powdered foods. Can my product be induction sealed? 99% of […]


Watertightness / Tightness

One of the main objectives when designing any plastic package containing any product is to ensure that the package will maintain the ideal tightness that will guarantee there will be no loss of product until the final consumer decides to open the package. Tightness is the quality that makes it possible to have the assurance […]


Cap Seal liners

In the bottling industry, cap seal liners are induction or pressure-sensitive liner discs that close and seal containers with an aluminium foil liner and a layer of polymer compatible with the material of the sealed package. The polymers used most for packaging are: Polyethylene (PE), both low- and high-density. Polypropylene (PP), partially crystalline. Polystyrene (PS), […]



A bottling plant, or a bottling company, is a company dedicated to the packaging of beverages and their distribution to the points of sale to the customer. A wine bottler, the Coca Cola company or bottled water may come to mind, although the manufacturer doesn’t have to limit itself to putting beverages into a container, […]


Hispack 2018

The 2018 Hispack International Container and Packaging Fair will be held once again from 8 to 11 May 2018 at Fira de Barcelona’s Gran Vía site in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Spain. Every three years, the industry’s biggest companies with international impact come together to present their packing, boxing, canning, parcels, bottling, labelling and packaging solutions […]

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